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You will not interpret information correctly. You will distort information to make it consistent with your feelings. For example, if you are angry enough, anything can be misinterpreted. You may have heard this sort of exchange. “Have a nice day.” “Don’t tell me what to do!”

You will be impatient and impulsive. Personal conflicts can create so much tension that you can’t wait for the right opportunity to act. You can make huge mistakes because you have to do something now

You will give away information that your opponents will use against you. You may make foolish statements that tell opponents how to beat you. Or your body language may give away your cards or intentions.

You will look foolish and vulnerable. Your “enemy” and others may see that you are off balance, and they will exploit it.

You will not act decisively or effectively. Your anger can cause extremely foolish actions. For example, you may overplay your hands or try hopeless bluffs, hoping to punish your “enemy.” The Chinese have a very apt proverb, “Before seeking revenge, dig two graves, one for your enemy and one for yourself.”

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